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shelf-like bosom, volume 56...practically a public service announcement


Bra fitting talk...safe for work or home or church.

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she know this is crazy talk but indulge mrs. g.

Last night, Mrs. G. was lying in bed thinking about the Women's Colony, not the blog, but the real, fantasy place.

It occurred to her that maybe at some point in time, we could pool our resources (maybe fundraise our asses off) and buy a house somewhere near water where we could rally at least once a year and timeshare with each other the rest of the time. Need a week off from stress of the job or the family? Women's Colony. Need some time to pull your shit together? Women's Colony. Need a women's weekend? Women's Colony. Need a place to snuggle with your husband/boyfriend? Holiday Inn.

You know, start small.

Be honest. Is this nuts?


Rescue Remedy!

Discipline allows magic. To be a writer is to be the very best of assassins. You do not sit down and write every day to force the Muse to show up. You get into the habit of writing every day so that when she shows up, you have the maximum chance of catching her, bashing her on the head, and squeezing every last drop out of that bitch.”
― Lili St. Crow

About twice a year Mrs. G. hits a creative wall and tries to convince herself and everyone she knows that she's done...over herself, out of funny.

And when she has hit this wall in the past, she has reached out to readers and they have managed to reel her back in. Is this cheating?" Who knows. "Is this lame?' Who's to say. It's worked in the past so Mrs. G. isn't going to examine its morality. She's just rolling with it.

What she asks from you: if you have a question, specific or random, a Bigger Love Episode request or are just feeling extra nosey, leave a comment and Mrs. G. will get right on it. No rules, sky's the limit.

Thank you.


Good Shit: Dreams


All we need is a philanthropist and "qualified" staff.

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Let's Discuss This While Mrs. G. Looks For Her Camera Cord

Women at work on bomber, Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, Calif. (LOC)

Read this recent article and tell Mrs. G. what you think. It's been on her mind.




Palmer, Alfred T.,  photographer

Women at work on bomber, Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, Calif. October, 1942


So, Yeah


For someone who has been blogging for over five years, Mrs. G. is still cagey when it comes to social networking. Oh, she's in deep, but at least four times a week she feels suspicious and leery about all her business (even her humdrum, moth-eaten business) being spread all over creation. One reason she has been disconcertingly honest about many of her mistakes and shortcomings is because she figures she'd rather get them out there before someone else does. Rest assured there are still some less than stellar life experiences for friends to make a monkey of down the road, but Mrs. G. will likely spill the beans first. Even when she tries to keep a secret, to remain dignified, she usually can't hold out for more than three minutes. Just stay quiet and she will blurt out what she didn't want to tell you.

But back to her mistrust of the all knowing, retentive nature of cyberspace. Lately, Mrs. G. has become paranoid that the internet is judging her, maybe even targeting her as a hygienic concern. Everywhere she goes -- Facebook, Amazon, The New York times, Epicurious -- this ad is floating somewhere on the page:


Paranoia is setting in. Today, she took two showers and lathered four times from head to toe with ginger almond soap. Later, when she ordered file folders from Staples online, there it was:


If Mrs. G. up and disappears, you'll know why.


P.S. She smells great, like gin and rose water


Good Shit: Comedian Julia Sweeney has "The Talk"


To stammer talk or not to stammer talk...

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mrs. g. thinks she needs to be more specific on number three in the last post



Image from Daily Gratitude Challenge on Facebook

Mrs. G. just read the above on her friend Barb's Facebook page. The sentiment and handwriting are a little SARKish for Mrs. G's taste, but for some reason this really struck Mrs. G, knocked her socks off even though she isn't wearing any. She knows many of us have things we want to do but are hampered by opportunity, nerve, finances, fear, initiative, skill and all the other things hampering hampers. How can we help each other overcome some of these obstacles (especially ourselves) and move forward? Can we brainstorm on this as a community? The hairs on the back of Mrs. G's are standing up, and since there isn't a rabid dog in the vicinity, this is usually a sign of some potentially really good shit in the making. Think on it, would you?

When Mrs. G. initially wrote this, she wasn't sure what she had in mind but it's slowly gelling, especially because of the thoughtful comments left by some of you on the original post.

So here's Mrs. G's current idea to try on for size. There is no shortage of derfs in the United States, and surprisingly many in other countries. What if were to network and see if we are able to exchange wisdom, experience, expertise, unused equipment, guest rooms and _________(fill in the blank). Is this too ambitious? Don't be afraid to say no.

Mrs. G. has never actively written a bucket, fuckit or life list, but she certainly has experiences she would like to give a go. She doesn't even care if they are necessarily successful; she just wants to try.


So here's her crazy thought. Suppose each of us left ten things we would like to experience in the comment section (big, small, tiny -- it's not a contest), and we begin seeing if we can help each other put together some pieces of our desired puzzles. If things start really crackling, we could start a separate blog to widen our net.

What have we got to lose? Besides trying, succeeding or failing. Small potatoes, really.

Who's in?