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Wednesday Five

1) When you went trick or treating as a kid, what was one candy you hated to get?

2) What is your middle name?

3) What book or movie have you read/seen lately that you would recommend?

4) If you could speak another language fluently, which would you choose?

5) Who is your favorite cartoon character?


Wednesday 5...No Reason, No Motive. Just Curious.

1) What is one movie that made you laugh until you cried?

2) Would you rather be in big trouble with your partner, boss or mother?

3) If you're in denial about one thing, what is it?

4) Ernie or Bert?

5) What smell reminds you of childhood?


Wednesday 5...No Reason, No Motive. Just Curious

1) Who do you miss the most?

2) Mountain Hideaway or Beach House?

3) Do you have a special talent/skill?

4) What last made you laugh until you cried?

5) One fact about the last person you kissed?



Wednesday Six. No Reason, No Motive. Just Curious.

1) Who are you rooting for in the Superbowl? Don't feel pressured to say the Seattle Seahawks but your comment will be deleted if you don't.*

2) Mrs. G. is having six friends over for dinner in a couple of weeks and she is serving the Smitten Kitchen's Chicken Pho. Any appetizer suggestions?

3) If you have a physical or mental "bucket list", what is one thing on it?

4) Who was your favorite high school teacher and why?

5) Ice cream flavor of choice?

6) What is one of your quirks?

*Just Kidding


Wednesday Five! No Reason, No Motive. Just Curious.


1) What is your favorite card game?

2) What is one place you hope to see before you expire?

3) What is one gift you have never forgotten?

4) If you could wish for one thing to come true this year, what would it be?

5) Whatcha cooking for dinner tonight?


Thursday Five. No Reason, No Motive. Just Curious.


Photo by Pink Sherbert Photography

1) What is one of the proudest moments of your life?

2) Bagel or croissant?

3) What is one song you know all the words to?

4) What is your favorite kitchen gadget?

5) Has it snowed in your neck of the woods yet?




Thursday Five...No Reason, No Motive. Just Curious.


These questions concern Christmas. If you don't celebrate it, thank your lucky stars you don't have to go the mall and come back tomorrow for non-holiday related content.

1) What are you or your family's three favorite Christmas dinner dishes?

2) What is the worst Christmas present you have ever received?

3) Is your tree up? Real or fake?

4) Do you put Christmas lights on your house?

5) Do you like cats? No pressure.