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mrs. g. is experiencing writer's block, but she can always whip up a little Mancake. Back tomorrow with the stepfather who dressed as a boll weevil. Truly!

This is where you come when you want a slice of Mancake with your coffee...

Mrs. G. has always carried a wee torch for Don Cheadle. She says wee torch because in the past, she considered him dashing, snazzy...a cute guy you know would show you a good time and not reach for his wallet in vain. No, Don Cheadle would pay the check and not expect a thing in return. He might kiss your cheek if you turned it just the right way. How does Mrs. G. know all this. She doesn't, but this is what she does all day while the rest of you do something productive with your lives, earn a paycheck and all that.


And then Mrs. G. watched him last season in HBO's House of Lies and her wee torched blazed, radiated enough high holy hotness to scorch Siberia. Don Cheadle is dashing and snazzy but this became crystal clear to Mrs. G: the man is sexy as hay-ell. It doesn't hurt the show's popularity that Mrs. G. carries a wee torch for Kristen Bell. She reminds Mrs. G. of Meg Ryan before the syringe and scalpel. 

It also doesn't hurt the show's popularity that Cheadle drops trou and often.

Mom, if you're reading this, "drop trou" is a gardening term. No need to google it. Really.


The Hollywood Foreign Press agreed with Mrs. G. this year. They sent Don home with a Golden Globe for his performance as Marty Kaan in House of Lies. Look at his smile. Is it starting to come together for you?

Donald Frank Cheadle was born in Kansas City, MO in 1964. He ardently campaigns for the end of genocide in Darfur, Sudan and, along with George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, co-founded Not On Our Watch, an organization focusing on preventing mass atrocities. Not to be glib, but how does one go about serving on that board.


Actor, humanitarian, philanthropist, Cheadle is also a serious poker player.


Cheadle's been with the same woman for over twenty years and we all know that only glitters up an already sparkly package. You know, that's it! Don Cheadle glows; he shines.

The man is bright.


Yes She'll Still Love You, Yes She'll Still Need You...When You're 64!


Happy Birthday, Beautiful...

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Eton Mancake (by Emily L.)

emilyc (1)

Mmmm Hmmm...

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Mancake # Who Can Keep Up?


Mrs. G. believes it was derf Beth who requested we give this 40-year-old, 6'1" fox (who is always welcome in Mrs. G's hen-house) a place of honor in our male objectification bakery.

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Irish Mancake...He's Magically Delicious!


Oh, a lad with an Irish accent brings a spot o'cheer to Mrs. G's heart.

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Mancake # whatever, or how I learned to forget about potential douchiness and focus on abs (by Jessie)


Mrs. G's Secret Boyfriend #12

Originally published December, 2007 

Disclaimer: Mrs. G. has been married for almost eighteen update: twenty-four years to the same man, Mr G. He is handsome, kind, loyal, and doesn't do household chores of any kind a wonderful father. Many, many people (some of whom do not reside at Derfwad Manor) believe he makes the best pasta sauce in the world. Period. He uses a secret ingredient, and he will not share it with anyone, because Mr. G. is Sicilian and that's just the way they are.

Mrs. G's English Breakfast tea is boiling as she introduces Colin Firth as her Secret Boyfriend #12. She says secret boyfriend because while her love and esteem for Colin is as rich and savoury as a hot buttered crumpet, he has no idea that Mrs. G. exists. Ahh...Mrs. G. thinks unrequited love is healthy in a long term marriage she wants to last.


Mrs. G. first met Colin in 1989, when he played the rapscallion title role in Milos Forman's film Valmont. He spends most of the movie trying to seduce the virtuous young matron Madame de Tourvel in order to win a nasty bet he made with the scheming black-hearted widow MerteuilThis is the North American film poster.


This is the European film poster. Have mercy...Mrs. G. wishes she lived in Europe.


The flames of this love were fanned in 1995, when Colin took on the role of Fitzwilliam Darcy in the BBC's serial production of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Cold? Check. Aloof? Check. Smug? Check. Sexy? Check. Check. Check.


And check. England's Lyme Park in Cheshire, the setting for Mr Darcy's wet shirt scene, saw visitor numbers almost triple after this series aired. If you haven't seen Pride and Prejudice, Mrs. G. is jealous. You have no idea what you are in for. Rent it now.

Laurence Olivier? Alan BadelZzzzzzzz...Mrs. G. is nodding off. Colin Firth is the only Mr. Darcy (We may have to include this in the Women's Colony bylaws). And...

THUD. That was Mrs. G. falling on her fainting couch at the very idea of this travesty, this sham.

Firth's performance also captured the heart of author Helen Fielding, who made him the object of affection for a goofy little fictional journalist named Bridget Jones. And thus Mark Darcy was born. It takes a real man to work a Christmas sweater and fall in love with a woman who wears granny panties. Isn't that really what all women want -- to be loved in their granny panties?

Last summer, Mrs. G. watched this holiday favorite twice in one week because she ran out of her anti-depressant and "medicinal" gin and needed something to get her through the day. He did.

In a recent interview with a French magazine, Colin was asked Quelles sont les femmes de votre vie? (Who are the women in your life?).

He replied: Ma mère, ma femme et Mrs. G. Jane Austen (My mother, my wife and Mrs. G. Jane Austen).

Is it any wonder that Colin Firth is Mrs. G's Secret Boyfriend #12? Like Liza Bennet, she admires his fine figure and income. And his manly manscruff.

Secret Boyfriend #15

Originally published March, 2008

Disclaimer: Mrs. G. has been married for almost eighteen years to the same man, Mr G. He is handsome, kind, loyal, and doesn't do household chores of any kind a wonderful father. Many, many people (some of whom do not reside at Derfwad Manor) believe he makes the best pasta sauce in the world. Period. He uses a secret ingredient, and he will not share it with anyone, because Mr. G. is Sicilian and that's just the way they are.

Mrs. G's heart is breaking as she introduces Edward Rudolph Bradley as her Secret Boyfriend #15. She says secret  boyfriend because while her love and esteem for Ed is pure and true, he had no idea  that Mrs. G. existed before or after his untimely death in 2006. Ahh...Mrs. G. thinks unrequited love is healthy in a long term marriage she wants to last.


Mrs. G. first noticed Ed back in 1978 when he became CBS News' White House Correspondent. He was the first African American Mrs. G. ever saw hosting the news, and she thought Ed was swarthy, commanding and super fine. She liked his hair, and she wore the same style of glasses as Ed - only Mrs. G's were hot pink. Even at eleven, Mrs. G. knew he was extraordinary. And thus began Mrs. G's most enduring, three decades and beyond, and impassioned Secret Boyfriend love affair. And while Secret Boyfriends come and go, Ed Bradley didn't. Reader, he stayed and just got better and better with time.

In 1981, Ed started his 26 year career as a correspondent on Sixty Minutes, covering nearly every possible type of news, from war, politics, poverty and corruption, to lighter biographical pieces, or stories on sports, music, and cuisine. Some of his best correspondent moments included playing blackjack with the blind Ray Charles, interviewing a Soviet general in a Russian sauna, and having a practical joke played on him by Muhammad Ali. Bradley's favorite segment on 60 Minutes was when he interviewed the 64-year-old legendary singer Lena Horne. He said: If I arrived at the Pearly gates and Saint Peter said, 'What have you done to deserve entry?' I'd just say, 'Did you see my Lena Horne story??'

Ed was a very private person and he had no children. He married Haitian-born artist Patricia Blanchet, who he had met at a museum where she was working as a tour guide. Since Mrs. G. was married at the time, she didn't take it personally. These things happen when you are forced to live in reality. It can be so tiresome, reality.

Reader, would you just look into those soulful brown eyes? Mrs. G. looks into that sweet face and sees a red, beating, good heart.

Ed was known for loving all kinds of music, but he adored jazz. He was a big fan of the Neville brothers, Ed performed on stage with them, and was known as the fifth Neville brother. He was also great friends with Jimmy Buffett (see above), and would often perform onstage with him, under the name Teddy. His best friends say that while he was great fun onstage and passionate about the music, his musical abilities were seriously limited. But he played a mean tambourine.

Here is Ed singing his infamous Sixty Minute Man. Mrs. G. has a weakness for men in fanny packs. Shut up.


And Ed Bradley? The man was dashing, rakish. Look at him here in his snappy wool beret. Ed wore an earring way before it was cool. He was his own man. He transcended cool.


He could work a cashmere overcoat and a silk scarf. Ed was the consummate gentleman. He was the real deal.


And he just kept getting better with age. Mrs. G. admired his goofy smile and his ability to radiate golden light and kindness. He seemed committed to loving life. Mrs. G. always got the impression that Ed was having a rowdy good time for no other reason than that was the way he rolled.

In the company of his wife, and longtime friend Jimmy Buffett, Ed died on November 9, 2006 at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan of complications from leukemia. He was sixty-five. Very few people knew he was ill. He kept it close to the vest and died with as little fanfare as possible. When Mrs. G. heard of Ed's death, she closed herself off in her bedroom and cried. She was a bit overwhelmed by the intensity of her sadness considering she and Ed had never met and that her affection was entirely one sided. She's actually feeling weepy as she writes this.

There was just something about Ed Bradley, something really really good. And Mrs. G. misses him.


Sorry for the poor-ish quality of the video, but it gives you a real sense of his zest for life.