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A Mrs. G. Social Inquiry...Let's Discuss

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Hi, Heather,
I found this article today, and thought it would be an interesting topic of conversation at the Manor:
Full disclosure, the woman is a colleague of mine, I've known her for a couple of years in that capacity. I did not know anything about her personal life.  She's a wonderful colleague, and I think she and her husband are brave to "out" themselves like this. I'm also proud that our common employer is supportive.
Plus, I think that their relationship as depicted in the article, is really sweet!
I think the Derf community could have a very rich and interesting discussion about this.
Mrs. G. is not allowed to reprint the article here, so you really do have to go and read it. She's been thinking about how she would deal with this for the last hour and she's curious what all of you have to say. She knows this group can be honest without insulting. Let's talk!




All's Well That Ends Well or The 2011 Lowes Peace Summit

Mutual absolution granted in aisle one at Lowes.



The Fight in Aisle Seven


A week or so ago Mr. and Mrs. G. decided to go to Home Depot to look for a full length mirror and buy five bags of mulch. After that, they were going to swing by the grocery store and pick up a few things for dinner. They got in the car and everything was fine. They might have even looked in each other's eyes and smiled lovingly at one another before Mr. G. started the car but probably not. Still, all marital systems were good to go.

Twenty minutes later, Mr. and Mrs. G. were in the store looking at full length mirrors. As luck would not have it, Home Depot was having a sale on full length mirrors. The mirrors were $4.99, which was really reasonable considering they were maybe six inches wide, flexible and framed in what appeared to be baby blue Styrofoam. To Mr. G, a full length mirror is a full length mirror. To Mrs. G, a full length mirror should be wide enough to reflect her entire body without backing up all the way to Vermont and not buckle when you breathe on it. Already slightly annoyed with each other, they walked over to aisle seven to look in the "official" Home Depot mirror section--the $4.99 baby blues were with all the other loss leaders in the front of the store. The only other full length mirror the store had in stock was a perfectly fine full length mirror, a foot wide, unyielding and framed in a pleasant pewter painted wood. It was $29.97. Did it wow Mrs. G.? No, but it fit the bill without breaking the bank, and she was tired of jumping up and down in front of the bathroom mirror to see her full self. Mr. G. balked--in his defense (and because he just walked by her and she told him what she was writing about and he told her she'd better be fair)...so, in his defense-- he balked fairly mildly, but sighed in exasperation--in Mrs. G's defense (because he just walked by and she told him what she was writing about and she is the only one who has a blog)...so, in her defense-- he sighed in exasperation one too many times.

"Let's look somewhere else," Mr. G. said.

"Now?" Mrs. G. asked.

"No, not tonight," he said back, which is long-married translation for we will look for a full length mirror again possibly never.

"Is it really a priority?" he went on.

As a matter of fact, it was a priority and at that exact moment, it became the highest priority in Mrs. G's 44 years of living, which is long-married translation for the ride back home is going to be a living hell.

Now fully pissed at each other, they bought the five bags of mulch and bypassed the trip to the grocery store for the greater good.

Five minutes into the ride home, Mrs. G. decided it was time to discuss every real and imagined flaw in their relationship.

Her: "How come we can never go anywhere together and have fun?"

Him: "What are you talking about? We have fun together all the time."

Her: "I don't think so."

Him: "Do we really have to talk about this now?"

Her: "Now is good for me."

Him: "I have nothing to say."

Her: "Well, I do..."

Which brings Mrs. G. to what she suspects is a primordial difference between men and women: what's what.

The following is a conversation that has played out in Mr. and Mrs. G's marriage no less than... 

168 occasions:

Her: "We need to talk about our relationship."

Him: "Do we have to talk about this now?"

Her: "Now is good. Tell me what I can do to improve this relationship for you?"

Him: "I have nothing to say. I'm good."

Her (suddenly feeling guilty and scratching two things he could do off her list of ten): "Well, I do..."

Please tell Mrs. G. this is a primordial difference between men and women or she is going to have to contemplate the notion that she is a black-hearted bitch.

When Mr. and Mrs. G. got home from Home Depot, they ate popcorn for dinner and watched a movie.

OK, ok, it was fun.