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A Festive Shout Out

Merry What Ever You Celebrate to all the people who stop by here. Mrs. G. appreciates you. She has two wishes for you this holiday season: enjoy your family and friends and eat a lot of mashed potatoes and gravy!

She'll see you next week!


The Judge's Eggnog (by Aunt Snow)


When I was a young woman, I led a fast and exciting - or hectic and desperate - life in New York City in the late 1970s. And there I met a man I thought I would settle down with. That thought was brief, as he turned out to be a cad. But oh, he was a handsome and fascinating cad!

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2013 First Annual Worst Derf Gift Ever

Updated: The Terry Bradshaw book wins the First Annual Worst Derf Gift Ever Contest. Congrats or condolences Bonnie. Send me your address and an 8x10 pastel painting of two kittens and ball of yarn is yours! Lucky you. Thanks to everyone for voting.



Mrs. G. got a real kick out of reading yesterday's Thursday Five questions, particularly the answers concerning the worst gift you have ever received. She has narrowed the list down to the five she considers most grisly, but it's up to you, reader. Which gift would you most like NOT to receive.


*The loser author of the winning answer will receive a piece of Mrs. G's bad cat art whether she wants to or not.

Here are the choices:

1) A snow blower 

2) A hand painted quail egg necklace 

3) A copy of "Terry Bradshaw: Man of Steel" 

4) A plastic file box

5) 12 fire extinguishers




Thursday Five...No Reason, No Motive. Just Curious.


These questions concern Christmas. If you don't celebrate it, thank your lucky stars you don't have to go the mall and come back tomorrow for non-holiday related content.

1) What are you or your family's three favorite Christmas dinner dishes?

2) What is the worst Christmas present you have ever received?

3) Is your tree up? Real or fake?

4) Do you put Christmas lights on your house?

5) Do you like cats? No pressure.


Leave It to a California Liberal to Try and Take the Cat Out of Christmas! 


SOME PROFANITY! Mrs. G. came home to this message on her Facebook page yesterday -- not that it matters, but she was out buying Bearpaw boots because her furnace gave up the ghost yesterday and her feet were cold. So let's set the scene: cold, hungry, sad to enter her tundra of a home and out of Diet Dr. Pepper...only to come home to this...

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Gobble Gobble



Happy Thanksgiving from the Gattuccio house to yours! 



A KFC Brawl and Mrs. G's ONE Amazing Recipe 


Many of you might remember Mrs. G's strife and conflict with her book club: how they unknowingly humiliated her with what is now known as The Yankee Candle White Elephant Incident and how one time the group unanimously agreed that the novel Mrs. G. chose was the worst novel in the club's eight year history—some of the women said they had to put the novel in a drawer just so they didn't have to look at it.

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A Mrs. G. Social Inquiry

If you enjoy a peaceful Thanksgiving dinner with your open-minded, amiable family, bow down and be grateful. For those of us who find our opinionated families a challenge on this holiday, pour yourself a big mug of wine, and if you live in Washington or Colorado, do not mention the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes (PARDON ME, BUT ADVIL WORKS JUST FINE MISSY) or, Lord have mercy, recreational use. Just don't.

Thanksgiving rarely passes when a comment isn't made about Mrs. G's baggy jeans lacking a belt or her sub par greenbean casserole.


Just out of curiosity, what subject repeatedly comes up your Thanksgiving table?