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Let's Finish This Up And Then Start For Real  


It's time check in as to whether you achieved your goals and/or face your fear?  I, for instance, got my yearly physical and mammogram. I even had a teeth cleaning because I was on a roll. I've been feeling some fairly strong momentum.

So in order to keep this momentum going, I would like a solely focus on my heath for several months, and I need solidarity and accountability. Are any of you interested in getting onboard the health train if I fix up a private blog--we need the privacy so we can be vulnerable and honest and release some of the things that might be holding us back. We need to post pictures of our good and bad days. We can support each other, applaud each other, cry with each other and, most important, laugh with each other in a safe space.

We can all do our own program but use this spot to connect with a friend rather than a coconut cream pie

If you're interested, leave a comment and I will send you and an invitation to join. I will need your email address.  This doesn't effect Derfwad Manor, it will go on. But don't join if you don't have weight to lose or we'll have to eat you.

Wanna play?  I do. I need to lose sixty pounds. My current weight is 211. I need to take some steps to ease joint pain and keep diabetes at  bay.  Nobody else is going to do it for me.


Let's Talk About Middle Age

For the last several moths Mrs. G. has been experiencing occasional mood swings. They are particularly intense the week before she begins her cycle—which, these days, is less of a cycle and more like an unpredictable loop de loop.

Now Mrs. G. has to stop and explain that these mood swings are not PMS as she has known it for the last thirty years. They are an altogether different animal. They come on unexpectedly for no apparent reason and are fast, furious and, blessedly, brief. They are less like the the soothing glide of a swing and more like a herky jerky, erratic game of hopscotch.

Consider the following dramatic re-enactment:

Mrs. G. is happily making dinner (roasted chicken, salad and garlic potatoes). She's humming along to the soothing music (Andrea Bocelli ) playing in the background.
Mr. G. walks in from a long day at work. Mrs. G. walks over to kiss him and give him a hug. He tells her dinner smells good and sniffs his way into the kitchen to check it out.

Mr. G: Man, everything looks delicious.

Mrs. G: Thanks babe.

Mr. G: Hey, you put avocados in the salad.

Mrs. G: What do you mean?

Mr. G: I didn't mean anything. I just said you put avocados in the salad.

Mrs. G: What. Is. Your. Point.

Mr. G: I don't have a point. Why are you glaring at me?

Mrs. G. then starts picking the avocado pieces out of the salad and chunking them into the compost bowl.

And then there is the crying, not the loud sobbing kind of crying— more the subtle welling of tears and lump in the throat kind of crying.

Things Mrs. G. has cried about in the last three weeks:

  • the commercial where the flightless birds hang glide
  • Trader Joes pumpkin butter
  • this one sad little tree in her neighborhood that has lost almost all of its yellow leaves
  • baby hats
  • getting in her car and realizing Mr. G. has filled up her gas tank and then recalling the night before (in the midst of one of her mood swings) how she called him a bastarding bastard of a bastard in her head just because he couldn't find the gigantic bottle of Ketchup in the fridge.

Things Mrs. G. is doing to help lesson the mood swings:

  • following the simple suggestions in this book
  • cutting back on caffeine
  • listening to a guided meditation on love, peace and not stabbing people on her iPod
  • sleeping with the window open. She finds a cool, restful night's sleep helps keep her good nature in check.

So, reader, any swinging going on in your world? Do you have any remedies or tips to ease the pain?


Note: Mrs. G. is not a doctor and, therefore, is not dispensing sound or reliable medical advice. So no suing allowed.