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everything mrs. g. knows about technology she learned from the amish, part 536 and 537


Can you see me? Can you see me now?

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Mrs. G's Holiday Photos #6...and a Few Quick Thought


Mrs. G. mentioned a few weeks back that October and November kicked her large but lovely ass, more so than ever before. She was clinically depressed and struggled (with the help of meds and therapy) to drag herself back to the more favorable land of the living.

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Mrs. G's Holiday Home Photos #4


Mrs. G. got together with her friends Jill and Brenda today. They try to get together once a week or so for coffee to visit and solve the world's problems. A few weeks ago, Mrs. G. and her family celebrated Thanksgiving with Brenda (above) and her family. After dinner they played a game called Loaded Questions. One of the questions was: What is something you really wanted for Christmas as a kid but never received? One of the many things that makes Brenda an ace friend is that she listens. Today she showed up and, out of the blue, gave Mrs. G. her most coveted childhood toy -- an Easy Bake Oven. 

Off to bake Lilliputian cupcakes. Thanks pal. You're a good egg.

Also, doesn't Brenda have most excellent hair?


A Place Called Hope or Kitchen Sink Marital Counseling or a Man Who Never Quits Dreaming

Yesterday, Mr. G. came home from work and told Mrs. G. he'd heard a story on the radio about Norway (or one of the other Nordic countries that make Americans look like cave-dwelling hayseeds who eat Crisco right out of the can with their bearish paws). Apparently, Mr. G. went on, couples who split up household chores equally have a fifty percent higher rate of divorce.

"So are you suggesting if we split household chores down the middle, our marriage is as risk?" asked Mrs. G.

"I'm not suggesting anything. I'm just reporting a scientific study I heard today on National Public Radio."

"Well this presents a problem. Who can cook tonight without doing irreparable harm to our relationship," asked Mrs. G.

"Good question"

"I can pull out that can of Crisco from the pantry," Mrs. G. suggested.

"You know, I think it's a pizza night," said Mr. G. solving the problem and likely saving the marriage

They kissed each other kindly and went about their business.

We know some things here, Norway...or wherever the study was based.


5 things that are true...and just for fun, let's pretend it's monday


1) Mrs. G. is all done with her Christmas Shopping...

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Mrs. G's grandparents had a neighbor named May who lived five houses down from their brick ranch in Frayser. May was thin, brittle thin, and wore a troubling, roaming wig that was the same color as her skittish dog Cappy. Cappy was a Schipperke, a breed...

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clint eastwood might have saved mrs. g's marriage

Woman in pink dress sitting in chair holding roses

Warning: this post discusses marriage and chairs.

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Back Tomorrow

Family group outdoors

Family in town. No blood has spilled. No heads have rolled. Gold stars for all!