Full Confessional Friday! 10/16/2014

Be it Venial or Mortal (there's no escaping Original), we've all got secrets -- light, dark, funny, sad -- worth bringing to light. The act of confession can be liberating, mollifying and entertaining. Contrition? Repentance? A shot of Tequila? That's your call, sister. 

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I'm weeks behind in school which is my own fault but for whatever reason I just can't keep up this semester. I don't know if it's because work is crap which is putting an overall damper on life but I don't know how I'm going to get caught up. I've been searching for something new and I've applied for a quite a few positions but haven't gotten any responses as of yet.

I am however excited to have my oldest niece and nephew spending the weekend so we are going to do some outdoorsy fall things. Which doesn't help me catch up with school but it will be fun to spend time with them and give Lily sometime with her cousins.

October 17, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterTonya

I have been crazy busy which is good because that means I'm working for money but bad because I'm one gig away from totally losing it. I love my job but wish I could spread it out a little bit. Some months I am going nonstop and practically living in my car and other months I'm sitting around with nothing to do.

I will also whine just a bit that I have the worst, raging case of plantar fasciitis in my right foot in the history of right feet. Pain every single day. The worst, ugly shoes you can imagine. Nothing is working. I've had it before but never this bad. I am a big walker (for health, wellness, and most importantly my sanity) and I haven't been able to walk since July. Whaaaa. If anyone has suggestions, I'm up for trying anything at this point.

Thanks for listening to my plight of woe. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Go Royals!

I went to Oktoberfest last night. Today is a day of regrets. Why is the sun so bright? Why is the silence so noisy?

Ughhh. Hangovers get worse and worse the older I get.

October 17, 2014 | Unregistered Commentermolly

Got the key to a new space today! My current space is not quite 11' by 23'. The new space, though shared, is 23' by 43' plus. I'm sharing it with someone who only stores stuff there; otherwise, I'm alone. Yes! I'll be moving his stuff down to one end. I'm okay with that, as he paid November rent already. After that, I'll pay $27.50 more than I did for my old space down the hall. Now if Praise Fest two blocks away but sounding like it's in the backyard would stop yelling 'bout jesus, life would be perfect.

Tonya, haven't you been going to school nonstop? Sometimes that affects impetus. Good on ya, hope the push returns.

Sorry about your foot, Claudia. I remember a friend had something done years ago which seemed to get rid of it permanently, and I think my mom too, but both are gone so I can't ask. A shot? I do know Andrea said it hurt like crap but when the plantar disappeared she said that pain was worth it.

Glad seeing the community board up today. May all have wonderful weekends, surrounded by kind people.

October 17, 2014 | Unregistered Commenternaomid.

I have seen people get over P.F. by going to someone who uses what's called "Grasston Techniques." It hurts like a beeyotch, apparently, but can really help? It's a verrrry deep massage technique that uses hard tools to work out adhesions and such.
I personally have NEVER done it or had it done, but I've seen some folks who swear by it.

Also -- stupid thing, but if you stand with a doorjamb (or maybe 1 inch dowel rod) under your arches, it may temporarily help.
That is what I do for mine, but mine's not serious.

October 17, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterkate in MI

So glad to see you back at it Mrs. G. I hope the courses are not kicking your butt. My hat is off to you for returning to school.

Spent the day going to NoVA for a funeral. 11 hours round trip (with a slight detour into DC because I was in the wrong lane and ended up on the GW Pkway which apparently has NO EXITS from McLean all the way into DC. The Kennedy Center looks lovely these days in case anyone was wondering.

Have a great weekend everyone.

October 17, 2014 | Unregistered Commenter1Les

Poor Claudia, I've had it and I know how you feel. My therapist said go with the Three "I"s: Ice, Ibuprofen and Inserts (in your shoes). And stretching.

I am working like crazy on these applications for Grad school. I've submitted the basic info, the names of the people who are writing me recommendations, my CV, my unofficial transcripts.( I still have to have my official transcripts sent). Now I have to write the Statements of Purpose, and also put together my Writing Sample. It's making me crazy!!

Just learned today that someone near and dear to me may need a biopsy to determine if there's something bad in there. I'm trying to read everything about the condition I can find. And thinking maybe I should stop thinking about my own problems, and focus on being a good friend.

October 17, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAunt Snow

All the PF sufferers I know say that you have to give up wearing different kinds of shoes and stick to just one good brand. Birkenstocks are the most popular, but others swear by 'boks or clogs. Just don't make your poor feet adjust to different shoes every day.

Good wishes to those with ailing loved ones. Prayers for those who care for the sick. We have been reminded how dangerous that can be.

Mrs. G, I hate to quote Barbie, but math is hard. I tutored it in college--not because I'm great at algebra and trig and calculus, but because I am bad at it. I had to pass the classes in order to get an architecture degree, and the techniques I developed to get all that stuff through my own thick skull actually helped others learn, too. Heaps of respect for your efforts.

No confession today. Just a complaint: I am up to my eyeballs in swaggering macho assholes. The view's not pretty.

October 17, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSungmanitu

I've had very painful PF before, and I'm the only non-runner in our family. I haven't had a twinge of PF since I did a juice cleanse. Yeah, I know, I know, but it worked. When inflammation seems to be the culprit, as it does in so many ailments, cutting out white flour and sugar and upping the raw fruits and veggies always works for me. Not that I always eat this way, but when I start feeling the aches and pains, I know to look at what I've been eating.

Here's my confession: When buying whole raw cashews for the vegan son from Whole Foods, I buy from the Trail Mix bins. There's a $4 per pound price difference between the whole cashews in the create-your-own-trail-mix bins and the raw cashews in the per-pound bins. Sometimes I scatter a few sunflower seeds on top of the cashews in my container, so it's TECHNICALLY trail mix. Right?

October 18, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterLaura

Mrs G, I'd be interested to hear how the tutor helped you...what was they did that was different from what you current math teacher is doing? It sounds like an interesting process and I truly admire you for taking this on!

Laura, thank you for the pro-bulk shopping tip! Trail mix can be anything you want--perhaps a mix of different sized cashews?

Sungmanitu, macho assholes sounds unpleasant. Is it possible to do a guided meditation where they are red carnations instead?

My confession, I love everything about my kiddo but I need a BREAK FROM LIFE. I need some serious alone time! Between my daughter and my job there are approximately 2.5 hours left in the day for me to take care of house and home, and ME. Shit. I am tired. But it's a good life. We have everything we need, and more! I just started being her girl scouts leader and it is SO MUCH FUCKING FUN!!!!! We are going to have a blast this year.

October 18, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJessie

OK Derfs, I have a mahoosive bag of 'get it off my chest/confessional' stuff but I shall only bring the good news to today's party.

Two Fridays ago my girl got asked to join the UK contingent for the 2015 Scout Jamboree being held out in Japan. I am beyond deliriously excited for her because a) this is an amazing opportunity and b) the way it came about. Everyone else was selected 12 months ago but a child pulled out so the leaders of local troops were asked to propose a replacement from the reserve list. Ours emailed them saying they should definitely take my girl as they had selected the wrong child from his troop originally. He also told me how the local commissioner for Scouts had written a letter recommending my girl and outlining why she should go.

I was left a little, well actually more than a little, emotional hearing this on top of the actual offer and extremely proud. Proud of my girl for her dedication and commitment to the wider group goals even though she knew she wouldn't be benefitting and also proud of CK and myself because so far we seem to have got this parenting thing right.

Now we have just 9 months to fundraise the monies everyone else will have had 24 months to do.

October 18, 2014 | Unregistered Commentertrash

Thanks for the tips and sympathy for my foot disaster. I've had this before in the other foot but never this bad. I've tried everything. I just learned that 2 million (MILLION!) people have this each year so here is what is sort of working so far. (1) I gave up on fixing this myself (2) I see a sports medicine/chiropractor who works with athletes (which I find hilarious when I go to his office in my orchestra concert clothes and everyone else looks like an elite runner (3) he does Active Release Technique, Graston Technique (yes, Kate in MI...yikes but I have a very high pain tolerance), and laser therapy (4) I live in my ugly birkenstocks (5) flat shoes are not always a good thing, a little tiny bit of heel on your shoe puts more pressure on the ball of the foot and less on the heel - who knew? (6) whining to my nice friends here who give me love, kindness, and support. Thank you, everyone!!! (Oh, and we're adding acupuncture this week...because, why not?)

Claudia, I recommend walking barefoot in sand for days at a time, as many anti-inflammatories as your doc will allow, and ice ICE baby. When you get a break in your schedule, you might think about lengthening the fascia. I had it done in my one foot when I had my hammer toe surgery and I think it did help a bit. (But I also know I have tight muscles from my toes to my neck.)

I just finished up the farmer's market season and had my best day ever on Friday. It made me think I had something to offer. But today and tomorrow I'm at an arts and craft fair and have sold hardly anything, which is very disheartening. ("Hardly anything" being less than half of my share of the booth fee... and my partner sold nothing, which was even worse.)

October 18, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKaren (formerly kcinnova)

Claudia, for one more set of suggestions, here's a very recent NYT health blog post...

Good luck. I've lived through my husband having this (haha) and I know how debilitating it is.

October 19, 2014 | Unregistered Commentersusan

Claudia--in addition to the chiropractic care for plantar fasciitis you are getting (I found that my hips were uneven and that was causing the pf--who knew?), the simple thing that has helped me the most is to put a pillow under the covers at the foot of my bed. That way my foot stays at about a 90 degree angle while I sleep. I know you can buy foot splits to wear to bed that do the same thing, but I knew I'd find the boot annoying. I know that my foot flexing in the night, pushing against the pillow, but when relaxed, it stays at that 90 degree angle. I think the pushing against the pillow also helps. I keep the pillow there all the time and that seems to keep the pf at bay and helps it heal so much faster. You can also put an ice pack between your foot and the pillow at night--that helps too.

October 19, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAnna

I'm going to miss you, Mrs. G! I have enjoyed your writing and your sense of humor and goodwill. There have been days when the dream of the Women's Colony was the only thing that got me through. I love the community that you have built at Derfwad Manor and I will very much miss that. I can't bring myself to sign up for Facebook somehow.

Best to you in the future!

October 21, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAnna

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